Local guide to Top 5 restaurants, Buenos Aires

by on 30th January, 2015

Top 5 places to eat in Buenos Aires

Argentina: land of steak, red wine and pizza/pasta – and much more.

The latest Latin America Best 50 restaurant list contained 15 of the country’s eateries.

Our local guide and BA resident, Laura Videla, gives us the lowdown on the top five places to eat in Buenos Aires – from the traditional parrillas (steakhouses) to new faces on the increasingly diverse dining circuit.

Reservations are recommended at almost all these restaurants, any time of the year.

These are for a special occasion – almost all the steakhouses in Buenos Aires reach a very high quality for a very reasonable price.

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Laura writes:


La Cabrera

Based in Palermo, you’ll have to make a reservation well in advance for this, one of the city’s best grill houses. Slabs of meat, huge chips and helpings of fairly cheap red wine add to the attraction.


Nuestro Secreto (Parrilla inside of the Four Seasons hotel)

Hip and happening, another meat specialist inside the Four Seasons hotel. Try the bif de chorizo cut.



Some Argentinians will tell you gnocchi was invented in Buenos Aires, and eating here, it can seem hard to argue.

Fantastic pastas and lovely puddings as well, the Italian influence on the city is nowhere better displayed than at Piegari.



Trendy setting and modern food always fantastically presented, this is food being presented as an experience.

Lots of new and traditional flavours and recipes are blended spectacularly on tasting menus.

Not cheap, closed on Sundays & Mondays (only opens at night), but one to remember.


Elena Restaurant

Another inside the Four Seasons Hotel – but well worth it and a completely different feel to Nuestro Secreto.

If you’ve had your fill of steaks, the seafood is excellent here, or if you just want to experience the beautiful surroundings, pop in for a breakfast.

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