Top 5 restaurants, Lima, Peru

by on 20th February, 2015

Top 5 restaurants, Lima, Peru

Peru is one of the world’s most geographically varied countries and it’s no surprise that Peruvian food reflects this dazzling diversity in its many restaurants.

Here are Andean Trails’ top tips for places to eat in coastal Lima, fast becoming the culinary capital of South America.

Lima is famed for its seafood and ceviche – raw fish marinated with onions – plus new fusions with Japanese cuisine.


Top 5 restaurants in Lima

La Rosa Nautica


The classic: You sit above the crashing waves of the Pacific ocean, while the efficient staff serve you arguably Peru’s top ceviche. There are ceviche and Pisco sour making classes during the day, too, which are great, but the main attraction is the seafood which is perfectly served.


Astrid and Gaston


You have to book ahead – weeks, maybe months – and the best advice is to reserve a place as soon as you book your flight tickets.

THE hot plate in Peruvian cuisine, expensive too, but worth it. The Diners Club has this year put Astrid at number 14 in its Top 50 Restaurants in the world.


Central Restaurant


Innovative chefs give you a taste of almost every part of Peru. Again, you need to book ahead, and be prepared to try new combinations as they often serve unusual dishes. Each is fantastically prepared and, of course, delicious.




You’ll taste a touch of the Amazon with the dishes here, many of which the friendly waiters will most likely need to explain as the fusions are as varied as they are daring. The portions can be small, though, so take that into account when ordering.


Madam Tusan


One of the new breed of confident restaurants in Lima, serving a Chinese/Peruvian mix, and what a mighty fine dragon to talk about too. Chinese restaurants have the reputation for providing cheap and plentiful dishes but not much taste. Tusan is, successfully, changing that idea.


Still hungry? OK, here are two more!


Edo Sushi Bar


Japan and Peruvian cuisine blend perfectly and at Edo the blend is giddying. Not the prettiest place in the world, but tell that to your taste buds. The sushi here is often rated better than some Japanese restaurants, the quality is that high, but do expect it to be busy if you arrive from 18.00 onwards.


Empanadas Paulistas


If you want a quick bite to eat and also try something very Peruvian, then Empandas Paulistas is the one. Locals flock to grab a tasty empanada – like a pasty with a variety of meat/seafood/vegetarian fillings.

The main problem will be picking which one to choose from the large menu, which includes empanada versions of classic Peruvian dishes such as anticucho and tamal.

¡Buen provecho!

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