Five Vegetarian Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

by on 23rd August, 2019


South American countries with their traditions of eating and producing meat are not the easiest of destinations for vegetarians never mind vegans. However, things are changing and more and more vegetarian and vegan establishments are beginning to appear although mainly in the big cities or destinations that have a high percentage of foreign tourists.


In Chile meat and seafood are the traditional staples to dishes and yet in Santiago, Chile’s capital, vegetarian options have sprung up in the last few years.


Here are 5 options you might consider when visiting Santiago.



Vegan Bunker Restaurant

Located in hip Barrio Italia of  Providencia this restaurant offers 100 % vegan fare.

Their core elements are vegetables, pulses and grains. They have a fixed price lunch menu and offer a variety of sandwiches, cakes and fresh fruit juices.

Address: Fresia 529, Bario Italia



Quínoa Restaurant

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and is open from 0800 to 2300 covering breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner.

Top notch – a dish to try is the basil nhoqui .

Address: Luis Pasteur 5393, Vitacurago.


El Huerto Restaurant 

This is one of Santiago’s traditional vegetarian restaurants which has been satisfying customers in the heart of Providencia neighbourhood for over 30 years.

In Chile they were pioneers with humus, tofu and vegetable ceviches.

Address:  Orrego Luco 54, Providencia


El Naturista Restaurant

These restaurants were the originals for vegetarian food in Santiago with an 85 year old history. Known for its omelettes, pancakes, salads and vegetarian pasta.

It now has three branches.
Address: Moneda 846, Santiago.
Paseo Huerfanos 1046, Santiago.
Avda. Vitacura 2751, Vitacura, Santiago.


Él árbol Restaurant 

A place that offers healthy and gourmet food made with organic products of the highest quality and always keeping in mind the concept of sustainability. Vegan and vegetarian fare.
Address: Huelén 74 Providencia, Santiago.




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