Bolivia’s highest points: La Paz, Lake Titicaca and Bolivia’s mountains

by on 8th August, 2020

Trekkers Sajama base camp


How high is Lake Titicaca? How high is La Paz – and what is Bolivia highest point?

One of the highest of all Andean nations, the geography of Bolivia certainly sets some impressive records for life at high altitude.

Read our blog to find out just how high Bolivia’s landmarks are.


La Paz – 3640m

La Paz Teleferico view, Bolivia

La Paz

La Paz is recognised as the highest capital in the world – although technically speaking this is the administrative capital only, as Sucre is Bolivia’s constitutional capital. For those who like their facts, Sucre lies at 2810m and ranks second in the list of highest capitals – so there is no doubt that Bolivia bags the title of world’s highest capital city.



El Alto – 4150m

el alto la Paz Bolivia

El Alto

La Paz is located in a bowl, with the satellite city of El Alto located above it, on the rim of the bowl. El Alto is an incredible hub of urban activity and a fascinating place to visit – it is where visitors first arrive, at El Alto airport – located 4150m. It is now connected to La Paz by a new system of cable cars, making travel between the two cities easy and offering fantastic views.



Huayna Potosi – 6088m

Summit of Huyana Potosi.

 A mere 25km from El Alto and visible from many far and wide lies the majestic glaciated peak of Huayna Potosi. A popular mountain to climb this mountain toweris above El Alto and La Paz at 6088m. Widely recognised as one of the more straight-forward 6000 m+ peaks to scale, it is suitable for beginners to climb. Beware – no peak at this altitude should ever be classed as “easy”.


Find out how to climb Huayna Potosi!



Nevado Sajama – 6548m

Sajama peaks Bolivia

Bolivia’s highest peak, Sajama 6548m, lies at the heart of the stunningly scenic Sajama National Park.

This national park, bordering Chile, is one of Bolivia’s finest. The park boasts hot springs, fabulous mountain scenery and picturesque villages with beautiful chapels. This is a wonderful, off the beaten track part of Bolivia. It is well worth dedicating a few days to this part of Bolivia. You can do so on our Sajama National Park trek and tour.



Illimani – 6439m

View from Huayna Potosi of refuge and Illimani Bolivia

Add Illimani to the list of peaks visible from La Paz – this is the peak that towers above La Paz.

At 6439m this giant is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, and Bolivia’s second highest peak. It has 4 summits over 6000 m, with Pico Sur being the highest. The Aymara called it “Illemana”, which means where the sun is born.



Lake Titicaca – 3812m


Lake Titicaca as seen by an alpaca

Talking about record breaking destinations at high altitude, we need to mention Lake Titicaca.

At 3812m it is the world’s highest lake – no, correct that – it is the world’s highest lake navigable to large vessels. Apart from this claim to fame it is also a wonderful destination to explore, a few hours by car from La Paz and perfectly located for those travelling into Peru overland – or vice versa. The two countries share this record-breaking lake and a culture of rural life, based on its small islands and along its shores.






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