Chile In Style: Luxury holidays and hotels

by on 18th July, 2014

Pia Vergara

Andean Trails’ Alan Lyall worked in tourism in Chile for more than 20 years.

He draws from that well of knowledge and shares his tips for a luxury holiday or honeymoon In Style in one of the world’s most beautiful countries.



Torres del Paine National Park

He writes:

“Chile is a destination that has been blessed by nature; Spectacular shapes and colours in the desert morph into glacial hues along a 2,500 mile ribbon of land.

The food is superb with fantastic fresh sea food, meat, fruits and vegetables. Then there is the hospitable service and the friendly people, all of which make this the ideal destination for a luxury holiday or a unique honeymoon.

Chile’s natural beauty can now be experienced in luxury and in a style that never before was possible.


Pick and mix luxury

Luxury adventure tourism to Chile has undergone a boom recently with many 5 star all inclusive lodges opening up, particularly in San Pedro de Atacama, The Torres del Paine National Park and on a smaller scale Easter Island.

Their programmes are designed so that you experience the area, but at your behest. You select your following day’s activities from a menu offered the evening before. Choices can be half day or full day excursions, treks, horse rides, mountain bikes or vehicle based, challenging or relaxed as well as degrees in between. The choice is yours.

If you fancy a horse ride in the morning followed by relaxation in the spa, that’s up to you. Your partner might choose a strenuous full day trek, with an outdoor hot tub with you to finish the day. The experience is yours.

Fine dining and luxury surroundings complement your stay. Generally, included in the price, are your accommodation; all meals and snacks (many include local alcoholic drinks, too); airport transfers; excursions with English speaking guides; use of the hotel facilities – although spa treatments tend to be extra.


Fine dining with a view, Hotel Tierra Chiloe, Chile

Fine dining


My favourite is Hotel Tierra Patagonia as it really struck a chord with me. It looks like a smooth wooden flying saucer that has landed in the Patagonian wastes, paying homage to the Towers of Paine and yet blends seamlessly into the landscape.

It has a crisp natural opulence that is not showy yet luxurious.

The full majesty of Nature in the Torres del Paine Park can also be experienced at the Hotel Las Torres amongst others.



Hotel Tierra Patagonia

More to see

Within a stone’s throw of San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile you have geyser fields, pre-Columbian forts and culture, salt flats and Andean pink flamingos. Explore any of these from the luxury and comfort of hotels such as Alto Atacama, Tierra Atacama or Awasi.

The mysteries and culture of Easter Island can be explored from the Hotel Hanga Roa or Explora.

In September the Hacienda Vira Vira is opening its doors near Pucon in the Lake District. Not only will it offer horse riding and trekking but also on the water there will be opportunities for kayaking, white water rafting and sailing; on the hacienda cheese making and yoga and from the local volcanic activity hot springs and volcanic caves.

Mystical Chiloe Island offers the Hotel Tierra Chiloe from where the culture and natural landscape of this island gem of Chile’s south can be experienced on two or four feet, two or four wheels, or by kayak or boat.

Contact us now if you want to experience Chile or anywhere else in South America in luxury and In Style.



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