Galaxy Galapagos Cruise Review

by on 25th January, 2023

Choosing the right cruise for your Galapagos holiday is always tricky, so we do our best to see the boats we sell. Kat decided she was up for writing a Galaxy Galapagos cruise review.

It was a sacrifice, but Kat was lucky enough to recently cruise the Galapagos Islands on the lovely Galaxy. Here’s her Galaxy Galapagos cruise review.



Galaxy Galapagos Cruise Review: Cabins & Space Aboard

My first thoughts on coming onto the boat were how well maintained and well furnished, bright and modern the Galaxy is. The interior lounge area is surprisingly roomy. It’s always hard to imagine how all these small boats fit in cabins, dining areas, and socialising areas, but they do it well!

The bar was well stocked and came with a cheerful barman who would look after us well. The dining area was separated from the social zone by a thin wall, making it a lovely space to eat and giving extra room for mingling.


Galaxy yacht lounge area Galapagos



Some main and upper deck cabins have the advantage of opening up to the balcony. We’d recommend the upper over the main deck, but ultimately you won’t be in your cabin much.

The top deck features a large sun deck. In October, sunbathing wasn’t high on my agenda (it was a little breezy). Instead, we gathered on the sun deck to enjoy the fresh breeze and look out for dolphins, whales and jumping rays. I’m happy to report we were successful, apart from not seeing any whales.


Galaxy yacht sun deck Galapagos



Galaxy Galapagos Cruise Review: The Itinerary

I had chosen itinerary C, a six-day cruise taking in Black Turtle Cove on Santa Cruz Island, Rabida, Chinese Hat, North Seymour, Mosquera, Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island, Bartolome Island and far-flung Genovesa Island.

Our guide led us perfectly through each day, offering a wealth of information as we walked, snorkelled and even kayaked our way around the sites.

Each day we would wake around seven and, after breakfast, embark on our first island visit for a walk taking in the wildlife and learning about geographical formations. Usually, this was followed by a snorkel before returning to the boat for lunch.




An afternoon on the Galaxy Galapagos boat

In the afternoon, off to another island we went.

There was a good mix of wildlife (too many to name!) and landscapes; Sullivan Bay with its black pahoehoe lava fields and Bartolome Island with its iconic Pinnacle Rock.



The snorkelling was beautiful — we dived into the sea once a day and on some days twice. Even though this was my third trip to the Galapagos Islands, there was usually something to surprise me. I snorkelled with penguins for the first time as they chased after fish.

Of course, there was so much more — turtles, sea lions, schools of fish. It sounds cliché, but it is hard to list them all. On return from each snorkel, we were met by the tireless crew, who helped us with our gear and would have a post-swimming snack ready!



On one occasion, we were given a chance to choose between stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Both provided an excellent opportunity to explore the coastline of Genovesa.



Review of Galaxy Cruise Food, Drink, and Services

The crew on the Galaxy were a happy bunch, and that came through in how they looked after us. The bar is well stocked, and we soon grew used to our sundown cocktail! You can pay in cash or by credit card.

The food was delicious too. Breakfast was varied and set us up perfectly for the day, with a hot meal or a choice of toast/ bread or cereal. Lunch was a buffet-style meal with three dishes covering meat, fish and vegetarian. Dinner was a choice of two meals, served with a delicious dessert. A vegan on board was also well looked after, with plentiful and varied options.


Galaxy outdoor social area Galapagos


Little snacks between snorkels, a warm drink when coming out of the water, or a cool drink when returning from a hot walk were a lovely touch.

Complimentary hot tea and coffee were always available, as was drinking water — make sure you bring a bottle to refill!

The cabins were well-serviced and always spotless. Eco-friendly shampoo and soaps are waiting for you, as are towels — no need to bring any!


What to Bring On Your Galaxy Galapagos Cruise

One of the things I was most thankful for was the underwater camera a friend had lent me. Not every picture turned out to be National Geographic standard — well, none did! — but I cherish the shots I have to remind me of our amazing snorkels. Snorkelling is such a big part of the Galapagos, so even if you don’t often snorkel, do give it a try.



Wetsuits are provided, as is all equipment, including buoyancy aids for those a little unsure of being in the water.

Seasickness was no issue for me, thankfully, but it was for some on our cruise. Ensure you bring some medication to help. The crew will have some, too, as a backup.

Earplugs are definitely coming in my suitcase next time — I hadn’t brought any, but there were moments when the boat’s motor kept me up at night. No matter how high the vessel’s standards are, it is impossible to avoid any motor noise on small boats and yachts.




Kat’s Galaxy Galapagos Cruise Review

We hope you found Kat’s Galaxy Galapagos cruise review helpful — contact her directly for more.

Of course, the Galaxy is not the only boat in the Galapagos Islands. And don’t forget, you can even try hotel-based trips.

Our Galapagos experts can help you choose the best Galapagos cruise or land-based trip. They can also give you tips on itineraries, wildlife, weather, and answer any other Galapagos questions you may have.

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