Huchuy Yachaq community project

by on 6th June, 2014

Huchuy Yachaq community project

For over 5 years Andean Trails has been supporting the Huchuy Yachaq community project in the marginalised neighbourhood of Hermanos Ayar near Cusco. We’ve been able to do this thanks to everybody who has travelled with Andean Trails.

In this neighbourhood there is a high level of poverty, with little in the way of guaranteed income. Many of the children have to work, usually on the streets selling postcards to tourists, cleaning shoes, washing cars etc.

In 2006 the project started a programme of educational activities for 120 children to encourage them to attend study and games sessions held each afternoon and participate in holiday projects. Courses are run in logic and maths, communication, dance and theatre; there are craft workshops as well as organised visits to local attractions.

A small library was established to provide support for the children that come to the centre after school to do homework and for adolescents attending workshops on developing social skill and teenage issues.

Assistance is provided to some of the children so they can register in school and by supplying text books, note books, pencils and school clothes. It costs £ 15 for each child to buy all the materials they need for one year at school.

One of the latest additions has been the “little ants” programme, allowing an extra 29 children aged between 4 and 5 years to attend regular classes in the kindergarten.

The main project building is now 20 years old and in need of several improvements including the electrical wiring, classroom floors and walls and the playground as well as the kitchen and the toilet.


Football, Huchuy Yachaq

Marlene Quispe, the Project Director told us: “At the moment I feel I am amongst a pile of debris and materials, but happy because we are slowly restoring the place”.

“The local community provide all of the labour so it is the materials we are currently raising funds for.”

She also said that library activities are hugely successful, averaging 60 to 90 users per day and that they now have an advisory teacher for the primary school children.  In the mornings they are organising family mediation and craft workshops to strengthen good parenting skills. In the evenings, in the library, they have a group of children from 4 to 7 years of age, attending 1st grade. This year, with the support of Andean Trails, they intend to hire a new teacher for this group as well as purchasing educational and office materials.

Current conditions don’t allow for the provision of snacks and refreshments but when the new kitchen and dining room are completed they will be able to host events for both children and parents.

There is always a need for further help, for buying materials, paying teacher salaries, and helping with daily running costs. Should you wish to contribute please contact our office and we will tell you how. Every penny donated will be given to the Community.

Contact us for more.


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