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Overview plaza Machu Picchu Peru

Photo by Yepo

New visitor rules

From July 1st new rules will be imposed on visits to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu, Peru,  in a bid to regulate visitor numbers.

Swirling cloud Machu Picchu Peru

       Swirling cloud Machu Picchu Peru

Kat has been finding out what these new rules mean. She says…

“There still is a certain amount of confusion over how the new rules will be implemented and it is assumed that there will be an initial “trial” phase of sorts until everything falls into place. But we do know that changes are coming on the 1st of July.”

The new arrangements are Peru’s answer to calls from UNESCO to act upon increasing visitor numbers in order to avoid being placed on a list of “UNESCO sites in danger”. Currently around 5000 visitors arrive at Machu Picchu daily in high season, which is double the number UNESCO recommends to preserve the site.


What’s new

Officially, new regulations will be as follows:

– There will be two daily timeslots in an attempt to spread visitor numbers more evenly throughout the day.

Morning timeslot: 06:00 to 12:00
Afternoon timeslot: 12:00 to 17.30

Tickets for the afternoon slot will be cheaper, to encourage visitors to visit at the quieter times of the day.

–  Visitors can only enter as part of a guided tour, with group sizes of up to 20 people.

– The maximum time of visit, within each timeslot, will be 4 hours.

– Those wishing to spend more time, will need to buy two tickets.

– There will be three different circuits for guided visits. Full details are not yet known.



– Exceptions will be made for those climbing Machu Picchu Mountain (you will be granted 7 hours) or Huayna Picchu Mountain ( you will be granted 6 hours). Either mountain will be climbed independently (as it is now), either before or after the guided tour.

– Exceptions are also made for those entering a second time (in the afternoon or the next day) to spend more time at the site. The second visit can be done without a guide.

trekker machu-picchu-peru

         Trekker in Machu Picchu, Peru.


These restrictions initially will apply form 01 July to 31 October 2017.


Planning a holiday including Machu Picchu

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