South America family holidays – top tips and advice

by on 10th November, 2016

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South America family holidays

South America is fast becoming a popular place for families to visit on their holidays.

Here we share the experiences of some of the families and groups that have travelled to South America with Andean Trails, and how it changed them.

There are more flights to South America than ever, and a great range of hikes, rafting, Amazon and more just waiting to be discovered together.

Ecuador, Peru, Galapagos and the rainforest are particular rewarding family favourites.

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The teenager – Sinead Thin

Sinead Thin was 13 when she, her older sister and parents travelled to Peru.

They walked the Lares trek to Machu Picchu, visited the Amazon and Lake Titicaca.

On her return, Sinead said: “It made me realise that I am so much luckier than others.

“We just take technology, food (especially meat which is very expensive for people in developing countries), our health care and many other things for granted.

“It was also amazing how smiley and cheerful the children were despite all their circumstances, they never complained.”


The parent – Sue Daniels – Peru and Amazon

Sue said: “I’d wanted to travel to South America for years.

“Work and children intervened and I waited impatiently for a time to go when my kids were old enough and I had sufficient holiday.

“The opportunity for me was my 50th birthday. I needed an adventure to celebrate.”

Sue has shared her top tips for travelling with kids and teenagers in Peru after her successful tour.


  • Allow a few days for them to chill and to sleep late. We had a lot of early starts, and they really enjoyed a few lie-ins!;
  • Learn some Spanish. Joseph’s school learnt Spanish was really useful as most people don’t speak English;
  • Take cards – we played cards a lot in the afternoons and evenings, and also good to play with our guide;
  • Make sure your hotels have Wi-Fi for the kids to keep in touch with friends and social networking; and
  • We all took iPads rather than taking loads of heavy books. Much lighter and useful for games and web access. But you also need a good book to read on long journeys.
  • Huchuy Yachaq community


Check their photos on our Facebook page and read more in her blog.


The teacher – David Low, Queen Anne High School

David travelled with 14 teenagers from the school – they visited the Amazon rainforest, trekked the Inca Trail, spent several days staying with a local community near the Sacred Valley and went fishing with locals off the coast near Lima.

He said: “If kids are prepared for days without TV, days of no wifi and meals they will have to adapt to, then they will have the time of their lives. Safe, challenging and exciting; everything you want in a school trip.

“Unless the students are expecting 5-star hotels (or perhaps even if they are) the homestay experience should be on a school trip itinerary.

“You are out of your comfort zone and are actually living. The interactions between the students and local children, with little language skills to speak of, were heart warming.”


School group tour, Peru

School group tour, Peru

Read more in his blog and check our Facebook photos.


Jennie Crosbie – Galapagos and Peru – the long trip

The Crosbies combined Galapagos on the Legend boat with our fantastic Peru Family Holiday as part of a 3-month tour of South America.

Jennie said: “The Galapagos Islands are an amazing experience and perfect for families.

“There was plenty for everyone to do each day. The snorkelling was amazing – we swam with turtles, rays, fish, sharks and even a sea lion.


Sea Lion underwater Galapagos

Sea lion underwater Galapagos

“We saw boobies, hawks, finches, frigates, flamingos and albatrosses. We stepped around hundreds of iguanas and sea lions and walked among giant tortoises. We also kayaked amongst playful sea lions.

“Our guides were great and the staff on the boat were lovely.

“Peru is a beautiful country. Exploring the Sacred Valley by bike, horse and boat was amazing. We loved being away from the tourist buses, and getting to see a bit more of the real Peru. We never tired of the snow-capped mountains around us!”

“One of the great things about the trip was attention to detail, particularly around safety. They also prepared beautiful vegetarian meals for me.

“Both trips were ideal for our family, with a mix of activities and sightseeing.

“We will definitely be back for more adventure travel in the future.”

Check their Facebook photos.


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