Adventure holiday highlights in Aysen, Northern Patagonia, Chile

by on 1st March, 2019

Larry and Gillian are on a 4 week adventure through Patagonia.

Currently they are just half way through and enjoying the small Argentinean frontier town of El Chalten, and walks to the magnificent granite spires of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre.

They have sent some fabulous photos and some comments on their highlights so far.


Larry and Gillian, Patagonia, Chile

Larry and Gillian with Patagonia smiles


Larry writes:  “Thanks for doing great job with itinerary..ace trip .

The trip has been full of highlights . Another glorious day here and we are off to Fitzroy base tomorrow  via El Pilar A to B route.  El Chalten was a shock culturally after our time at Villa O Higgins and in Aysen but it is surprising how quickly one adapts to beer and funky music etc. !


Villa O'Higgins, Patagonia, Chile

Gillian admiring the view, Villa O’Higgins


In terms of 5 highlights for me.. let’s say

1-Understanding Carretera Austral route.. history re Pinochet. Actually time in Santiago though short was good and meeting up with a friend’s sister at Prince of Wales club ..a great introduction to pisco sours!


Prince of Wales Club, Santiago

Prince of Wales Country Club, Santiago


2-Aysen and the Terra Luna, meeting Phillipe who runs the place and going to his hideaway camping spot. The two guides we shared were great. I think some people might find it unpredictable the way it is run as changes inevitably have to be made , so helps to be adaptable. People there lovely and  helpful. The night camping out was great and Nathaniel the guide gave us two very full days so we squeezed in a challenging walk to Lago Fiore to see amazing  seracs plus Lago Cachorro walk. Rib trip and getting ashore by glacier Leone fabulous.  Another guy at camp, Haitian Bertino was brilliant.. interesting dinner conversation.  Also zip wire exit was unexpected but exciting for us … Jet boat was totally amazing..rapids on River and then wind was very high on main lake with lot of surf and big waves so exciting trip back and skill full piloting.


At Leones Glacier, Aysen, Patagonia, Chile

At Leones Glacier


3-Stuff before and after that was also great, Nico a good guide and funny.  Side trip to waterfalls Puerto Tranquilo was excellent as was bar there!


Waterfalls, Northern Patagonia, Chile

Waterfalls in Northern Patagonia


Crossing from Villa O’Higgins with the overnight camp at a local homestead/ farm, seeing local life and having a night there was fun and seeing Fitzroy for first time at Lago Desierto…. dramatic.


Larry and Gillian crossing the border into Argentina on foot, Patagonia

Trekking into Argentina


4-O Higgins glacier .. impressive on boat.


Larry and Gillian at O'Higgins Glacier, Patagonia, Chile

O’Higgins Glacier


5-Walk up to Cerro Castillo Laguna. Guide Nico good laugh, easy to be with. Stuff before and after TL great. Side trip to waterfalls Puerto Tranquilo was excellent as was bar there! Indigenous people and hand paintings there fascinating.


Laguna Cerro Castillo, Patagonia, Chile

Laguna Cerro Castillo

No  disappointments..!  Great trip , we are both happy with your Itinerary .

Cheers Larry”


Gillian adds: “Hi Kathy. So many highlights in just 2 weeks. Terra Luna beautiful setting going into the wilderness for 2 days no tourists nobody other than our guide and Bertoni a guy from Haiti great walking and view of glacier nobody else there.”


Trekking in the region of Aysen, Patagonia, Chile

Off the beaten path in Patagonia


Gillian has a dog allergy so is delighted to report “Dogs in Patagonia  not allowed in cafes restaurants etc. They live outside in kennels ????”


Laguna Cerro Castillo, Aysen, Patagonia, Chile

Dog in Patagonia..admiring the view



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