Best hikes and trails in Bolivia

by on 2nd August, 2019

The hills and mountains of Bolivia are much less known than the Cordilleras of southern Patagonia or the high Andes of neighbouring Peru.

The Bolivian Andes are beautiful and majestic and offer a wonderful array of multi-day treks as well as some superb day walks, trekking peaks and some technical mountaineering.

We sum up just a few of our favourite multi-day treks and walks here, and suggest you get in touch for additional ideas and further information.

Volcanoes of southern Bolivia

Volcanoes in Bolivia


The Cordillera Real traverse is one of the best treks in Bolivia. This is a superb mountain getaway experience with very few trekkers in the middle section in particular. The whole route takes 10 to 12 days from Sorata to Huayna Potosi, but it can be divided up into shorter treks.

High mountain views, Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Cordillera Real


For a shorter, more accessible and less strenuous version the Condoriri to Huayna Potosi trek is superb. Lake Chiar Kota at the base of Condoriri is one of most beautiful camping spots in Bolivia.

Mountains and Lake, Condoriri Bolivia



There several sections of Inca Trail in Bolivia. Of the Inca Trails one of the best routes is the Takesi trek. There are other routes in the area but some of the forests are being cut down by coca growers, so always check first.

Another lovely Inca Trail is the 2 day trek in Sama national park above Tarija, a trek that takes you from the Tazjara lakes down to Concepcion valley. This is a very little known part of Bolivia and you have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the local wine and Singani in the bodegas afterwards.

Toro Toro is spectacular and most options there are shorter walks rather than treks.

Walking in Toro Toro, Bolivia

Toro Toro


Sajama national park is one of the most beautiful in Bolivia There are several day walks and a multi-day trek with superb high altitude camping, right on the Bolivia / Chile border. There are warming hot springs, geysers and the option of some non-techincal 6,000m climbs such as Parinacota and Acotango. This is a remote high platuea with volcanoes dotting the landscape, small village and large flocks of llama and alpaca.

Relaxing after a long hike Sajama hot springs, Bolivia

Sajama hot springs


The walking on Isla de Sol, from north to south, gives beautiful panoramic views of Lake Titicaca.


Isla Sol


Another great hike is the climb up Tunupa volcano, with the most stunning views over the Salar de Uyuni and close up views of the red rainbow colours on the volcano itself.

Tunupa Volcano day hike, Bolivia

Tunupa Volcano


The remote Apolobamba range offers very remote fabulous high altitude trekking opportunities. There are routes from 4 or so days up to 12 or so days, depending on the chosen route. Very few trekkers go this far off the beaten track and there is little tourist infrastructure. Some of the old trails have been turned into roads by miners In recent years as gold mining has been booming and a lot of old mines reopened by cooperatives.

Thanks to James of Magical Andes for his help with putting together this blog.


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