Happy Holidays

by on 21st December, 2018


The Andean Trails team is full of Christmas cheer as 2018 draws to a close.

2018 has been a busy year and we are delighted to have provided our many customers with fabulous holiday experiences and memories of a lifetime.

Arlene Kropf was moved to send us the following message whilst visiting Machu Picchu with her sprightly 80 year old mother:   ” We are having a wonderful time. The rain gods were on our side at Machu Picchu yesterday. The guide was incredible with my mom, we climbed at a nice pace and she held onto him during the difficult steps. Thank you! ”

Morag Bradie trekked in the Torres del Paine National park with a group of six friends. She said: ” We had the trip of a lifetime.  I hear that expression all the time but never really thought it real to say until now. It was fantastic!”.

We have had much great feedback and receiving this has been one of the highlights of 2018 for the Andean Trails team.



2018 Highlights


The team members highlights of 2018 were:

Tom, “The external street gas piping systems in Georgia were an unexpected point of interest for me, as was England getting to the semi-final of the World Cup, but undoubtedly my 2018 highlight has to be my cycling mate Jim falling into a hedge.

We were riding a spontaneous route from my hometown (Gloucester) to his (Manchester) and were in deepest Herefordshire on a single track road when we came face to face with some cows and their farmer.

I stopped, so did Jim behind me but he couldn’t get his feet out of his clips. Accompanied with a squawk, he fell sideways right into a hedge, leaving only his wheels and feet – still attached to his pedals – protruding. I don’t know if cows can laugh….”

Kat, ” Taking my family to Ecuador and experiencing fantastic places with my 3 and 5 year old in tow. Not always without challenges, but the rewards far outweighed anything else, and we had a fantastic time. My highlight was our homestay at the community of San Clemente which was a brilliant option with kids, as well as the horse riding at Hacienda Porvenir.”

Alan, ” Spotting Black Caiman in the Ibera wetlands in Argentina. I am not very lucky when it comes to wildlife spotting as they usually hide when I am around and the only creatures that seem to delight in my presence are mosquitoes. However, in the wetlands it was caimans galore plus many capybara as well as rare marsh deer. Did I mention the rheas and  giant lizards ?”

Kathy, “My best travel moment was enjoying the lodge to lodge trek in Ecuador,  walking for four days without encountering any other tourists. What a treat! My first Sprint triathlon was a revelation to me, short distances, and enormous fun.



Christmas wishes

We have all been well behaved this year, or so we tell ourselves, and are hopeful that our Christmas requests to Santa will come true.

Kat, “I’m not asking Santa for much this year, he’s was super good to me last year. This year I am looking forward to a relaxed Christmas with the family at home. ”

Kathy, “After a busy year I am asking Santa for a few peaceful days out of town with friends and family,  so good company and some fabulous food.”

Alan, “I am hoping for a white Christmas so I can build a snowman, something that I have not done for many a year!”

Tom, ” I want to play Pie in the Face with my nieces and nephews, that’ll do me. Or if you push me hard enough, some socks would be great.”



Looking forward to 2019

2019 looks like it is going to be quite a year with much happening on the World stage as well as in our little group of Islands.

However,  dreams will always be there. We, at Andean Trails, will strive to ensure that we help many people’s holiday dreams come true.


On a personal note, the hopes for 2019 at Andean Trails are:

Kat, “In 2019 I will have to take some time out for the arrival of a third little bundle of joy – hopefully not bringing too many sleepless nights! I’m looking forward to a few months of holiday planning before that though, and will return in 2020 (with slightly bigger bags under my eyes, no doubt). “

Tom, “Learning to play my recently finished cigar box guitar with its new tuning. ”

Alan, “I would like many surprises, good ones, challenging ones and productive ones. ”

Kathy, “I recently went to an inspiring talk about a long distance bike route in Kyrygyzstan… I am wondering if that could be my next adventure. Otherwise doing some bike packing through Scotland with my son would be a good step in the right direction, and I will be going back to trek the Inca Trail, 20 years since tour leading the route.”


Best wishes

Our sincere best wishes to all for a joyful Christmas and holiday period as well as a healthy and Happy New Year!




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