Peru: travel expert reviews latest trip in Q&A

by on 30th November, 2017

Peru’s Highlights

A few months ago Tom went to Peru to find new locations, trek new paths and just catch up with what’s been happening there. He tells us…



Holiday in a nutshell?

Almost all of Peru’s Southern highlights.


Where have you just been?

All over the south of Peru – starting as most do in Lima, then heading to the Amazon and three lodges, followed by Cusco, Colca Canyon and then the coast as I looped back to Lima.


What did I see and do in Peru? 

How long do I have?


I saw a jaguar in the Amazon! Wonderful, an ambition achieved, and was the shiny photo cover on a very big book of wildlife seen there.


Then I spent a good 10 days in and around Cusco, including three new treks for me – LaresHuchuy Qosqo and then a new Salkantay route – and visiting a community project we support at Huchuy Yachaq. They desperately need funds to continue the good work they are doing.


It was great to meet not one but TWO sets of Andean Trails’ travellers in Cusco, too, both on long, life-changing trips and all on great form. Thanks for the piscos and pizzas!


I was astonished at the changes in Cusco in terms of the hotel, restaurant and trip options on offer now. It really has come on.


Then it was a new bus route from Cusco to Colca to see the condors, followed by some dune buggying and sand boarding  the dunes in Huacachina, which was hilarious and exhilarating.


Oh, and I saw a jaguar. Maybe I mentioned that?


In 20 words, describe your favourite…

Place: Lares trek – glaciers, mountains, people living in remote areas and of course, llamas!

Hotel:  Huchuy Qosqo homestay. I doubt I’ll ever see such a beautiful sunset.

Excursion:  Sand boarding the dunes. Not for everyone, but what a hoot!


Who would love these treks/trips?

Do all of them and it would be a fantastic three-week tour of most of Peru’s southern highlights.


The Amazon can be set up to be family friendly, relaxing, adventurous and more. Read my blog for more.


Cusco and Machu Picchu is a must-see for everyone, be it by trekking or train. Huchuy Qosqo is a good acclimatisation hike, while Lares and Salkantay are for people wanting a longer adventure.


Colca is suitable for all ages and fitnesses. Sand boarding for the thrill seekers!


Essentials to bring?

Worn in walking boots and a really good jacket. Being warm and comfortable is essential in the highlands.


Best place for….

Food: Cusco – such variety nowadays, all close the main Plaza de Armas.

Beer:  Arequipa – lots of craft breweries popping up.

Coffee:  Tambopata Research Centre – not for the coffee (it was very nice), but for drinking it while a macaw flew around and wild pigs wandered past the front of the lodge, and a deer ate leaves of a sapling behind us.


Advice or top tips?

Baby talc – fab for tired feet after a day of walking.


Where to find out more?

Contact tom on



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