Dear Santa - Andean Trails' wish list

Posted by Andean Trails, 15 December 2016.
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Dear Santa - Andean Trails' wish list


Dear Santa,

Andean Trails’ elves have been working hard all year, making people’s South America dreams come true.

So with Christmas nigh, we’ve made our own Christmas wish list for Santa.


Alan hoping to see more

Alan’s travel plans are a tricky for Santa's helpers as Alan wants to ‘go somewhere he’s been before to get a more in-depth feel’ about the place. Where could that be?

This year he went to Chile, Santiago and had plenty of time to catch up with all his friends and family.

Alan does have something practical to ask from Santa - mud guards for his bike, to stop him getting splattered by mud when cycling into work.


Kat is in the mood for giving

She says: “Thank you for being so good to me last Christmas – I have been to Colombia this year which was a first for me. I had such a great time exploring the Caribbean Coast and going off the main tourist path to see stunning Cano Cristales.

“I really fell in love with this amazing country, Santa, and I’d love to go back please if you can bring me another little trip in your sack – there’s still so much to see and I’d love to go hiking in the coffee region.

“What I do know Santa is that I’ll be returning to the highlands of Scotland next year, now that we’ve started taking the wee ones camping – so much to see and do on our door step and a few hills to climb, too.

“Oh and Santa, please bring a nice bottle of something for my patient husband, Dave, who lets me venture out on work trips without children in tow.”


Tom’s heads in the clouds

After a 6-month tour of South America last year (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia) Tom is feeling a little sheepish about asking for more from Santa for 2017.

“I can’t describe how great it was (erm, I can – here’s a blog about it) and the greatest gift would be to do it all again. And again. (Again?). Can we work years in advance, Santa?

“I would love to travel to Peru, it’s been too long Santa.

“I’ve also been thinking a lot about going to see the northern lights, Cape Verde and The Azores.

“But honestly Santa, now I’ve turned 40 I would be more than happy with a cloud calendar.”


Kathy’s boots been made for walking 

“Thanks Santa for my year, which included a fabulous trip to  Peru and Bolivia, with Cusco day walks and Ausangate Lodges – fabulous!

“It was great to catch up with old friends, family and colleagues, ride on the new cable car in La Paz and do some trekking in the Sajama area – it was all outstanding.

“If you could Santa, I’d like to visit Patagonia, with somewhere new to explore. Some of those off the beaten track valleys and treks, El Chalten to Villa O’Higgins, Cerro Castillo or around Salta.

“Then there’s Ecuador to catch up on the latest changes – I feel as busy as you fitting it all in around work and school holidays.”


Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas one and all, from Andean Trails!


Alan, Kathy, Kat & Tom

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Dear Santa - Andean Trails' wish list

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