Off-the-beaten-track holidays, Peru

Get off the beaten track and away from the crowds in Peru. 

If you prefer a holiday that involves getting away from it all, seeing remote places where few people go and exploring tracks and trails not in the guidebooks then we can organise that for you. 

After well over 20 years of travelling through Peru, researching guide books and organising holidays we know this beautiful country inside out. We can take you off the beaten track and show you some of Peru’s hidden gems. 

Peru is a diverse land with a coastal desert, cloud forest cloaked Andean slopes, Andean peaks topped with snow and a vast Amazon rainforest. Within this varied beautiful country, there are many remote and beautiful places ready to be explored. 

Pre-Inca civilisations lie almost untouched in the mountains and forests of the north of Peru for those willing to venture away from Cusco and Machu Picchu. There are Inca sites spread throughout the country, most of which receive very few visitors. Trek remote section of the Inca Trail, visit sites like Huanuco Pampa, or Vilcabamba, climb unknown mountain peaks, stay in remote farm homestays, the options are many. 

Treks take you to remote mountain villages far from civilisation, where time seemingly has stood still. We have many routes – by bike, raft or on foot – on pioneering routes that cover landscapes from the Andes to the Amazon. 

Our expert local guides know the hidden paths and forgotten routes that lead you where few people tread. 

Discover hidden Peru, find your pioneering spirit on a one-off, off the beaten track, adventure holiday. 


Choquequirao was fabulous, remote , a real sense of achievement having trekked in, the guide was really informative and there was a spiritual feel to it.  Trek food was fabulous - fresh local produce prepared with a skill and passion that I have no idea how it was managed .

This was an excellent package and delivered more than expected.

P. Conlen, Choquequirao

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